My skills

At this moment my skills aren't perfect as I am just a teenager but I hope that we may work something together. Just ask and we can try :)

Of course I'll develop your solution if you will need, this depends only on time. Obviously I can't call myself a developer because of both age and possibilities, but it would be great to become a full developer over 18 year old.

  • Infomir IPTV STBs - working with customizing firmware, making custom one, STLinux OS
  • Making websites - doing ready to use website, portal, blog or so on with user friendly CMS (WordPress, Pico, something other if user wants)
  • Modernizing existing websites - upgrading CMS's, porting all content to newer solutions and adding better looking
  • Progressive web apps - making progressive web app from your existing or in-making-process website
  • Visual Basic .NET - intermediate knowledge (I've started programing learning from it ;) )

Portfolio and examples

MAG Software Portal

It is project for Infomir IPTV STBs which includes customized firmware for devices, improved Operator Utilities for making image and wiki with guides how to do customization on your own.
We can also make our own custom firmware with disabling possibility to change portal, entire STB setting and modify embedded portal behavior.

Back-end configuring websites and servers

I can help you with configuring web server to work with solutions which are necessary now, such as HTTP/2, TLS and URL rewrite for greater links. We can also set up CMS or CSS static themes and configure entire server if it will be needed. I'm installing Apache if it is okay. We can also let your users download and/or upload files through FTP server.
If you need, there is also possibility to install GUI panel, like Webmin.

Working with Pico and WordPress

Especially I'm working with Pico and WordPress systems. Pico is really simple and great for small websites with few pages and static content, it has stupidly simple code which makes website SEO friendly. WordPress is greater for bigger websites, e-commerce and dynamic content.

Linux and Windows using

If you need an advice or you don't know how to set up or find something, just write me and we can try together. I can help you with configuring particular functionalities, server things and just plain home usage of computer. Remember please that every electronic device must have some piece of code to work, even if it is plain calculator! :)

Progressive web apps

Progressive web apps (PWA) are the new standard of making applications which was created by Google in 2015. It is just a website which can be installed on any device like native app without browser UI. It has almost pros only - no need to compile binary, add app to stores, do upgrades. Making such apps is free and really simple, only three files must be added to server and PWA is ready! I can help you in making it if you don't know how to.

Contact me

If you are interested into collaborating, write to me by this form or by one of links from list: